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Red Zinnias Yellow Daisies
Leelanau Trail 2018
9-Block Woodcut Watercolor Print
10" x 12"

This work is featured MCCLAIN'S 2021 Printmaking Supplies Catalog published in June, 2021. "Leelanau Trail" was accepted into the 2021 Artist Gallery out of a national field of printmaking artist submissions. McClain's is the premier source of printmaking supplies and is based in Tigard, Oregon.

Description of Image:
In northern Michigan, between Traverse City and Suttons Bay, is the 17-mile TART bike trail. A Rails-to-Trails, it winds through woods, cherry orchards, hop farms, wineries and small town back yards. With glorious scenery competing for attention, it was a small trail side moment that caught Tudi Harwood's eye. Waving flags of flowers from a community garden prompted this woodcut challenge. Planning and cutting multiple boards to catch the sunlight and color play captured the joy from her ride with a friend. 5 prints available