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After years of painting, Tudi Harwood trained under Master Japanese Woodblock Printmaker, Nobuko Yamasaki. The intense image study, planning, technical craftsmanship, color theory, paper treatment and attention to exacting detail is crucial. Each finished print has months of preliminary work behind it. Tudi loves the revealing magic of printmaking. The eye developed as a print maker informs her painting style.

Please note the Moku Hanga images in this section are signed, original woodcut watercolor prints and will be shipped in tubes. Click on each image for details.

Red Zinnias Yellow Daisies
9-Block Woodcut Watercolor Print
10" x 12"
Tree and phone lines with pink clouds
4-block woodcut watercolor print
10.5" x 8"
red walking figures in Perth
6-Block Woodcut Watercolor Print
9.5" x 12.5"
Mother/Daughter with Butterflies
3-Block Woodcut Watercolor Print
11" x 9"